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Punycode: xn--shop-up3b92960a.ws
💸 Sale! Was $39.99
Price: $4.99
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The classic. Fun, fast, and cheap.
Over 25,000 registered!


Punycode: xn--shop-up3b92960a.fm
💸 Sale! Was $199.99
Price: $169.99
1 year registration

Great for podcasts and audio projects!
New for 2018!

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👮‍♀shop Why Emoji Domains?

  • As seen on Vice News / Gizmodo. Over 25,000 registered!
  • Simple. Memorable. Mobile.
  • Stand out in 👮‍♀shop search results.
  • Tell your friends, "Here's my new site! Type this into your phone: 👮‍♀shop.fm"
  • Emoji are universal, worldwide... used by billions every day.
  • Emoji domains are 100% compatible with all browsers!
  • Forward 👮‍♀shop to your existing site / podcast / social media / Instagram / Twitter / Facebook / Etsy / Shopify / Carrd.co!

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Point your phone's camera at the screen to transfer 👮‍♀shop!

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👮‍♀shop Alternate Display

👮‍♀shop is an amalgam of several characters, normally glued together by invisible ZWJ (Zero Width Joiner) characters. The punycoding process ignores this, so:
👮♀shop = 👮‍♀shop = xn--shop-up3b92960a

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