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Emoji Domains are 100% compatible with all browsers!

Most people have no idea they can just type emoji in their address bar and go to a domain.

... and yet, here you are.

Feels pretty good, doesn't it?


You know... to be all cool and cutting edge and stuff.

How does it work?

Behind the scenes, all domains are ASCII text, even if you see the domain name displayed as an emoji.

The actual mechanics aren't that important, but the key thing to know is that the browser uses a strategy called "punycoding" to convert "i❤️" to "xn--i-7iq" behind the scenes.

Most browsers keep this process hidden... but even when it's not, your Emoji Domain will work.

Can I have both an Emoji Domain and a "regular" Domain?

Yeah! Check out 😎🌐.ws, which displays as either 😎🌐.ws or cooldomain.ws, depending on browser support. With our drop in Emoji Domain Progressive Enhancement JavaScript, it only takes about 30 seconds to set up.

When I purchase a domain, why does it go to GoDaddy?

With i❤️, you're not buying domains from some sketchy dude on a street corner.

Find a domain you love. Buy it through GoDaddy, with the confidence of high quality support and reliability from a multibillion dollar company with operations all over the world.

Domain Research Group, we made this site. We're connecting the dots, showing you new possibilities.

Compatibility with GoDaddy services?

Yup! As a demo, Domain Research Group built i❤️tacos.ws, an example site we put together on GoCentral, GoDaddy's excellent new website builder.

Forwarding, SSL, DNS... all the normal GoDaddy services, that all works. This site comes to you from a VM somewhere deep within a GoDaddy datacenter.

Email is a little sketchy -- not because the services don't work, but because some mail transports reject unicode domains.

Can I use my domain as a URL shortener?

If you purchase your Emoji Domain through i❤️, you can take advantage of GoDaddy's sophisticated URL shortener.

Emoji + ASCII?

Yes! Enhance your URL with ❤️! Need some inspiration? Maybe start with your name?

Emoji Search Results?

Emoji Domains are fully Google compatible. Also, Bing. Learn more at Emoji Domains and SEO

Is there an Emoji Domain API?

You betcha. It works like this: https://i❤️.ws/emojidomain/🎅🚗?format=json

What about Emoji Domain Name Auctions?

The Emoji Domain Name Marketplace Report presents GoDaddy auctions listings in a clear and concise manner. All Emoji Domains, all the time.

Supported .TLDs

Not All .TLDs

Only a handful of Top Level Domains currently allow the registration of emoji domains. And within that bunch, we've partnered with the best: .ws, .fm and .to.

Started in 1995, .ws and .fm lead the pack in both reliability and innovation.

Also launched commercially in the late 90s, .to is known throughout the world for URL shorteners / travel sites.

i❤️.com: Don't Hold Your Breath

Dotcom, dotnet, dotorg... as well as all those .ninja and .guru domain extensions -- they're gTLDs, bound by ICANN rules. That is to say, they won't be allowed to register Emoji Domains until some international body yields to the march of progress.

While this might change in the future, for now, ICANN, the governing body of internet domain names, has banned the practice.

Apparently, while they allow all kinds of weird unicode characters in domain names, they don't think emoji are a valid form of communication.

How Can .ws, .to and .fm Offer Emoji Domains?

It's always been technically feasible... it's just that no one ever really thought to do it.

If you're interested, you can read a brief history of Emoji Domains, but the short story is that a ccTLD (country top level domain) like .ws, as the official designated registry partner of the government of Western Samoa, is, like, a sovereign entity.

As ccTLDs, they're free to experiment, try new things, be pioneers. Not sure it's a coincidence that they all originate in island nations...

Maybe you're a ccTLD too? Hit us up! It might be easier than you think to get on board.

A Brief History of Emoji Domains

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