(no specific gender) (non-human color) +1 -1 00 1 10 100 10:00 10:30 11 11:00 11:30 12 1234 12:00 12:30 18 1:00 1:30 1st place medal 2 2:00 2:30 2nd place medal 3 30 3:00 3:30 3rd place medal 4 4:00 4:30 5 5:00 5:30 6 6:00 6:30 7 7:00 7:30 8 8:00 8:30 9 9:00 9:30 AB button (blood type) ABCD ATM sign Africa Americas Aquarius Aries Asia Australia BACK arrow CL button COOL button Cancer Capricorn Christian Christmas Dracula END arrow Europe European FREE button Gemini ID button ILY Japan Japanese Japanese dolls Japanese post office Japanese symbol for beginner Japanese “acceptable” button Japanese “application” button Japanese “bargain” button Japanese “discount” button Japanese “free of charge” button Japanese “here” button Japanese “no vacancy” button Japanese “not free of charge” button Japanese “open for business” button Japanese “passing grade” button Japanese “prohibited” button Japanese “reserved” button Japanese “vacancy” button Jew Jewish LOTR style Leo Libra Mrs. Mrs. Claus Muslim NEW button NG button OK OK button ON! arrow Oberon Ophiuchus Orthoptera Pisces Puck SOON arrow SOS button Sagittarius Santa Claus Scorpio Statue of Liberty T-Rex TOP arrow Taurus Titania Tokyo Tyrannosaurus Rex UFO UP! button VS button Virgo WC ab abc abcd absorbing access accounting actor admission adore adult aerial aeroplane afro age restriction agreement airplane airplane arrival alarm alien alpaca alphabet ambulance american amoeba amphora amusement park anchor angel anger symbol angry angry face with horns anguished ant antenna antenna bars anticlockwise anxious face with sweat apology apple archer archery architect arrivals arriving arrow art articulated lorry artist artist palette ask assembly astonished astronaut athletic athletics atm attraction aubergine automated automobile autumn avocado baby baby symbol back backhand backhand index pointing down backhand index pointing left backhand index pointing right backhand index pointing up backpack backpacking bacon bacteria bactrian bad badge badminton bag baggage baguette bakery balance ball ballet flat balloon bamboo banana bandage bandana bank banknote banner bar barber barrier baseball baseball cap basketball bat bath bathing bathtub battery beacon bead beads beaming face with smiling eyes bear beard bearded person bearer beating beating heart beauty bee beer beetle begging beginner bell bell with slash bento berries berry beverage bewhiskered biceps bicycle bicyclist bike biking bikini bill billed cap billiard biologist biology bird birdie birthday bisque black black circle black flag black heart black large square black medium-small square black square button blond blond-haired person blood type blossom blow blowfish blu-ray blue blue heart blue-faced blush boar board boat body bok choy bolt bomb bone book bookkeeping bookmark books boom boot bottle bottle with popping cork bouquet bow bow and arrow bowl bowl with spoon bowling box boxing boy brachiosaurus brain bread break breakfast breast breast-feeding bride bride with veil bridge bridge at night briefcase bright bright button brightness broccoli broken broken heart brontosaurus bronze bubble buffalo bug building bulb bull bullet bullseye bunny bunny ear burger burrito bus business busstop bust bust in silhouette busts in silhouette butterfly button cabbage cable cactus cake calculation calendar call call me hand camel camera camera with flash camping can cancel candelabrum candlestick candy canned food canoe cap car card care carousel carp carrot cart cartwheel casserole castle cat cat face with tears of joy cat face with wry smile cd celebrate celebration cell cereal ceremony chair changing chapel charm chart chart decreasing chart increasing chart increasing with yen check check-in checkered cheering cheese cheese wedge chef chemist chemistry chemotherapy chequered chequered flag cherries cherry chest chestnut chevron chick chicken child children crossing chime chocolate chop chopsticks church cigarette cinema circle circus citrus city cityscape at dusk cl claim clap clapper clapper board clapping hands claus claws clay cleaning clenched climber clink clinking beer mugs clinking glasses clipboard clock clockwise clockwise vertical arrows closed closed mailbox with lowered flag closed mailbox with raised flag closed umbrella closet clothing cloud clover clown clue clutch bag coaster coat cocktail coconut coder coffee coin cold collision comic computer condiment confetti confounded confused congee construction control controller convenience convoluted cook cooked cookie cooking cool cop cork corn cosmetics counterclockwise counterclockwise arrows button couple couple with heart cover cow cowboy cowgirl crab cracker cream creature credit crescent crescent roll cricket cricket game criminal crochet crocodile croissant cross cross mark cross mark button crossed crossed fingers crossed flags crossing crown crush cry crying cat face crying face crystal crêpe cucumber culture cup cup with straw cupid cupped hands curious curl curling stone curly curly loop currency curry cursing custard customs cut of meat cutlery cyclist cyclone cygnet dance dancer dancing danger dango dark dart dash dashing away date dazed deadpan death deciduous decorated deer dejected delicious delivery demon dentist department departure departures dessert developer devil dialog diamond diamond with a dot diaper dice die diesel dim dim button diplodocus direct hit disappointed disapproval disbelief disease dish disk distrust division dizzy djinn doctor document dog doll dollar dolphin donut door dotted six-pointed star double double curly loop doubt doughnut down downcast face with sweat downwards button dragon dress drink drinking dromedary drooling drop droplet drum drumstick drumsticks duck dumpling dung dusk dvd dynamite e-mail eagle ear ear of corn earbud earth egg eggplant eight eight-thirty eighteen electric electrician electricity elephant eleven eleven-thirty elf email emblem empanada end engine engineer entertainer entry envelope envelope with arrow equestrian eruption euro evening evergreen tree evidence evil evil-eye evolution ewe exasperation exchange excited exclamation experiment exploding head explosive expressionless extinguish extraterrestrial eye eye protection eyeglasses eyes eyewear face face blowing a kiss face savoring food face screaming in fear face vomiting face with hand over mouth face with head-bandage face with medical mask face with monocle face with open mouth face with raised eyebrow face with rolling eyes face with steam from nose face with symbols on mouth face with tears of joy face with thermometer face with tongue face without mouth factory fairy fairy tale falafel fallen leaf falling family fantasy farmer farming fast fast down button fast reverse button fast up button fast-forward button father fax fax machine fear fearful feet female fencer fencing ferris festival fever feverish field file filling film finger fire firefighter firetruck fireworks first first quarter moon first quarter moon face fish fish cake with swirl fishing pole fist five five-thirty flag flag in hole flame flash flashlight flatbread flex flexed biceps flipper floor floppy flower flower playing cards flushed flutter fly flying saucer fog foggy folded folded hands folder food football footprint footprints forbidden fork fork and knife fortune fortune cookie forward fountain four four-leaf clover four-thirty fox frankfurter free freezing french fried fries frog front-facing baby chick frostbite frown frowning face with open mouth fruit frying fuel fuelpump fuji full game garden gardener gas geek gem gem stone gender-neutral gene genetics genie geometric gesture gesundheit ghost gibbous gift ginger giraffe girl glass glass of milk glasses glittery globe globe showing Americas globe showing Asia-Australia globe showing Europe-Africa globe with meridians glove gloves glow glowing star goal goat goblin gold golf gondola good good luck goofy gorilla graduate graduation grain grape grapes graph grasshopper gray green green heart grimace grimacing face grin grinning grinning cat face grinning cat face with smiling eyes grinning face grinning face with big eyes grinning face with smiling eyes grinning face with sweat grinning squinting face groom growing growing heart growth gua pi mao guanaco guard guitar gun gymnastics gyro gyōza hair haircut hairless halloween halo hamam hamburger hammer hamster hand handbag handball handgun handshake happy hashi hat hatching head kerchief headphone headscarf hear hear-no-evil monkey heart heart decoration heart with arrow heart with ribbon heartbeat heat stroke heavy division sign heavy dollar sign heavy large circle heavy minus sign heavy plus sign hedgehog heel helicopter help herb hero heroine hibiscus high voltage high-heeled shoe high-speed train hijab hike hiking hippo hit hocho hockey hold hole home honey honey badger honeybee honeypot hoop hooray horizontal traffic light horn horns horrible horse horseshoe hospital hot hot dog hotcake hotdog hotel hourglass hourglass done hourglass not done house house with garden hug hugging hump hundred hundred points hurricane hurt hushed hóngbāo ice icecream icicles id idea identity ideograph ignorance ill imp in love inbox incoming index indifference industrial inexpressive information injury ink innocent input input symbols insect inside instructor instrument intelligent interlocking intoxicated inventor ironic islam jack jack-o-lantern jacket jeans jeotgarak jewel jiaozi jockey joey joke joker joy judo jug juggle juice jump justice kaaba kale karaoke karate katakana kebab key keyboard keycap kick kimono king kiss kiss mark kissing cat face kissing face kissing face with closed eyes kissing face with smiling eyes kitchen knife kiwi knife knit koala kuaizi lab lady beetle ladybird ladybug lai see lambchop landing landscape lantern laptop computer large large blue diamond large orange diamond last quarter moon last quarter moon face lather latin laugh laundry lavatory leaf leaf fluttering in wind ledger left luggage left-facing fist leftwards leg lemon leopard letter letters lettuce liberty lie life light light rail lightning limb link lion lips lipstick liquor litter litter bin litter in bin sign lizard loaf lock locked locked with key locked with pen locker locomotive lollipop loop lorry lotion loud loudly crying face loudspeaker love love-you gesture low lowercase lowered luck luge luggage lying face mad mage magical magnetic magnifying magnifying glass tilted left magnifying glass tilted right mahjong mahjong red dragon mail mailbox maize makeup malaria male malt man man and woman holding hands man dancing man in tuxedo man office worker man with Chinese cap manager manicure mantilla man’s shoe map map of Japan maple marathon mark marker market marsupial martial arts martial arts uniform mask massage math mathematician maze meat meat on bone mechanic medal medicine meditation medium meeting megaphone melon memo menorah men’s room mercy meridians mermaid merman merperson merwoman metro mexican mic microphone microscope middle finger mild surprise milk milky way minibus minidisk minus moai mobile mobile phone with arrow mode moisturizer molusc money money with wings money-mouth face moneybag monkey monorail monster moon moon viewing ceremony morning mortar mosque mother motor mount fuji mountain mountain cableway mouse mouth movie moyai mug multiplication multiply multitask munch muscle museum mushroom music musical keyboard musical note musical notes musical score mute muted speaker nail name nauseated navigation nazar neck necklace necktie needle nerd nervous net neutral new new moon new moon face news newspaper ng nib night night with stars nine nine-thirty no no bicycles no hair no littering no mobile phones no one under eighteen no pedestrians non-drinking non-potable noodle nose not note notebook notebook with decorative cover notes numbers nursing nut nut and bolt o oatmeal ocean octagonal octopus oden off office office building officer ogre oh old older adult on once oncoming oncoming fist one one-thirty open open hands open mailbox with lowered flag open mailbox with raised flag optical orange orange heart orienteering ostentatious outbox outgoing outlined owl ox oyster pail o’clock package packing paddle paella page page facing up page with curl pager painting palette palm palms up together pan pancake pancakes panda pants paper paper towels paperclip parcel parlor party partying passenger passport password pasta pastry patrol paw paw prints pc peach peahen peanut peanuts pear pedestrian pen pencil penguin pensive people with bunny ears people wrestling performing performing arts persevere persevering face person biking person bowing person cartwheeling person climbing person facepalming person fencing person frowning person gesturing NO person gesturing OK person getting haircut person getting massage person in bed person in lotus position person in steamy room person juggling person mountain biking person playing handball person playing water polo person pouting person raising hand person rowing boat person running person shrugging person surfing person swimming person taking bath person tipping hand person walking person wearing turban personal pester pet phone physicist piano pickle picnic pie piece pierogi pig pile of poo pill pin pine pine decoration pineapple ping pong pinocchio pirate pistol pizza piña colada place of worship plant playing plaything please plug plumber plus plush point pole police polish polo poo poodle pool 8 ball poop popcorn popper popping porkchop porous porridge post post office postal postbox pot pot of food potable potato potsticker pouch poultry pound pouting prawn pray prayer pregnant present pretty pretzel prince princess print privacy prize professor prohibited proof prophecy proud public address puck pudding pulsating pulse pump punch punctuation punk rock puppy eyes purple purple heart purse pushpin puzzle quarter queen quench question quiet rabbit racehorse racing racquet radio rage railway rain rainbow raised raised back of hand raised fist raised hand raising hands ram ramen rancher rat receive receiver recreational red red paper lantern red triangle pointed down red triangle pointed up red-faced redhead relieved religion reload repeat repeat button repeat single button reptile resort restroom revolver revolving revolving hearts rewind rhinoceros ribbon rice right-facing fist rightwards ring ringlets rise roasted robot rock rock-on rocket roller rolling rolling on the floor laughing rolodex romance rooster rose round pushpin rowboat rucksack rugby ruler running running shoe rushed sad sad but relieved face sailboat sake salad salon sand sandal sandwich santa sash sassy satchel satellite satisfied sauna sauropod sausage savouring sax saxophone scales scared scarf scepticism schmear school science scientist scooter score scorpio scorpion scorpius scream scroll sea seafood search seat second secure see see-no-evil monkey seedling selfie semi sent serenity serpent set seven seven-thirty sewing shake shaker shallow shallow pan of food shampoo shark shaved shaven sheaf of rice shedding sheep shell shellfish shining shinkansen ship shirt shock shocked shoe shooting shopping shortcake shot shower shrimp shrug shuffle tracks button shush shushing face shuttlecock sick sign sign of the horns signal silent silhouette silver singer six six-thirty skeleton skeptic skewer ski skill skis skull sled sledge sleep sleeping face sleepy face sleigh slice slightly frowning face slightly smiling face slip-on slipper slot slot machine sly small small blue diamond small orange diamond smile smiling cat face with heart-eyes smiling face with halo smiling face with heart-eyes smiling face with horns smiling face with smiling eyes smiling face with sunglasses smirk smirking face smoking snail snake sneaker sneeze sneezing face snow snowboard snowboarder snowman snowman without snow soapdish sob soccer socks soda soft soft drink software soon sorcerer sorceress sorry sos sow space spaghetti spanner sparkle sparkler sparkles sparkling heart speak speak-no-evil monkey speaker speaker high volume speaker low volume speaker medium volume speech speed speedboat spiny spiral splashing spock spool spoon sport utility sport utility vehicle sports medal spots spouting square squid squinting face with tongue star star-struck starry-eyed station statue steak steam steam room steambath steaming stew stick stocking stomp stop store straight edge straight ruler strawberry streamer string stripe student stuffed stuffy stunned subway sudden realization sun sun behind cloud sun with face sunflower sunglasses sunrise sunrise over mountains sunscreen sunset superpowers surfing surprise surprised sushi suspension swearing sweat sweat droplets sweating sweeping sweet swim swimming swirl sword sympathy synagogue syringe t-shirt table tennis tableware tabs taco tada taekwondo takeout box talisman talk tanabata tree tangerine tape target taste taxi tea teacher teacup teacup without handle tear tear-off calendar technologist telephone telescope television teller temple tempura ten ten-thirty tennis tent terrapin thanks theater theatre thermometer thinking third thirty thought three three-thirty thumb thumbs down thumbs up tichel ticket tie tiger timer tipping tipsy tired toadstool toboggan toilet toilet paper tomato tongue tool top tophat torch tortoise totally tower toy tractor tradesperson traffic train tram tramway travel tray tree trend triangle triangular flag triangular ruler trident triumph troll trolley trolleybus trophy tropical trousers truck trumpet tshirt tulip tumbler turban turkey turtle tuxedo tv twelve twelve-thirty twins twisted twister two two hearts two men holding hands two women holding hands two-hump camel two-thirty typhoon ufo ugly duckling ultimate um umbrella umbrella with rain drops unamused undead underage underarm uneven eyes unexpressive unhappy unicorn uniform unlock unlocked up uppercase upside-down upward upwards button valentine vampire vegetable vehicle veil versus vertical traffic light vhs vibration vicuña video video game videocassette villain violin virus volcano volleyball voltage vomit vs vulcan vulcan salute walk walking walking dead wall waning watch water watermelon wave waving wavy mouth waxing wc wealthy weapon weary wedding welding whale wheel wheelchair symbol whew whisky white white circle white exclamation mark white flower white heavy check mark white large square white medium-small square white question mark white square button white-collar whoops wicked wild cabbage wildcard wilted wind wine wings wink winking face winking face with tongue wise witch withershins wizard wolf woman woman office worker woman with headscarf woman’s boot woman’s clothes woman’s hat woman’s sandal women’s room won wool worker world worried worship wrap wrapped wrench wrestle wrestler wry x yacht yellow yellow heart yen yoga young yum yuèbǐng zany face zap zebra zipper zipper-mouth face zodiac zombie zzz “acceptable” “application” “bargain” “discount” “free of charge” “here” “no vacancy” “not free of charge” “open for business” “passing grade” “prohibited” “reserved” “vacancy” 〒♪&% ココ

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